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Our doctors grow closer, each relationship with their nuances, as they figure out where they stand with each other and their patients. Empathy through personal experience starts to blur the line between doctor and patient, revealing that our doctors are also vulnerably human. The father turns to Hye-jung and listens to her as he cries. She says that sometimes, she wants to die because of how her mother chose to die. Hye-jung asks if he wants to make Hae and Dal lead that sort of life. He breaks down in tears, and Hye-jung looks at him with relief.

D.O. startles Kai with unexpected questions during an interview

These one-shots are taken from my quiz: How Will He Fall for You? It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, and you were shopping at a new market at your friend’s recommendation.

Teen Wolf Exo Chanyeol Kpop Exo Kyungsoo Korean Dating Bigbang Exo Memes Funny Bts Memes Bullshit. But no matter how many you date none of them will be quite like Chanyeol He’s special ️ [email protected] Park Chanyeol Exo, Exo Exo, Kyungsoo, Chanbaek, Exo Ot12, Chansoo, One Day, Victoria, Bigbang.

It took him a while to realize his like towards you became love. It was quite the contrary, he worked twice as hard as he did before, if that was even possible, just to make sure he could support you. Kyungsoo had already planned his future with you. However, for Kyungsoo, he only saw him spending his life with you.

He only even realized it after Minseok made a comment about Kyungsoo being in love with you. It took him a month to figure it out. While he was away on tour, he called you on facetime before he went out to explore the city. He took in your beauty even with your bed hair, you made his heart race. Should I let you go? You were a soloist and had worked with EXO, more so Jongin, in many of your songs.


The following year, Kai , with encouragement from his father, auditioned at the SM Youth Best Contest; he won and received a contract. In , Exo-K’s D. That same year, Lay auditioned in Changsha, China, and subsequently moved to South Korea, while Xiumin attended an audition with his friend and won second place.

Suho has been rumored to be dating someone named Jenny Kim but this has not been confirmed. Some fans also noted that although the name is the same as Jenny from YG Entertainment, it must be a different person of the same name.

Jul 25 I’m not a korean drama fanatic, but I admit after watching 2 episode I’ve fallen and addicted to it I’m fallen to this drama not only because of Lee sang Woo, Song Chang Ui and Lee San Yoon, but the story line are so touching, realistic and apprehended every each problem so beautifully Life is Beautiful is actually a true story of a life, the everyday life that we have to face it and overcome with Congrats to the producer, actor and actress also all crew for making this beautiful drama The only regret is I couldn’t fined any web to download this drama, so I can watch it again and again in the future May 31 3: Thank you very, very, very, very, very much for producing this very wonderful series.

Finally, here is a series worth watching, worth chasing after. Unlike what others have said about the pace of story, I think that the pace is absolutely fine. Dear Kim Su-hyun, Thank you for having the guts to pen down and create such beautiful characters. I love Kim Min-Jae, Tae-sub’s mother. Because of her character, I learned how to appreciate my mother more.

Life is Beautiful (SBS-2010-South Korean Drama)

A tiny confession and a big announcement feat. A light sandwich would do since the boys would be over in a few hours to eat and drink. After you sat the plate down you looked for a drink. The longer you stared inside the fridge the more unsteady you felt. The tighter your chest became. Okay, just stop, you told yourself and shut the door to the fridge.

The problem with dating someone and crushing on someone else meant that you couldn’t put your all in the person you dated and so while you tried your best to not to think of Kyungsoo, you still did.

A fight will determine if your relationship will make it or break it. This is a short Kyungsoo one-shot for my first post. I will take reqeusts, so please request! This is usually how I do my one-shots on my main, so this is how I will do it on here as well. I hope you like it! It was happening again. Sure, a couple fights here and there are healthy, but this was completely the opposite.

You and Kyungsoo fought three times a week, sometimes even more. It was hell fighting with the person you loved.

It’s Ok, This is Love

A media site reported pictures of them hugging. However, there is no much evidence that proves their relationship. Even the fans are skeptic: His Ideal type of woman 14 Giu alle ore

Internet dating shows free on the last online dating sm. Kyungsoo, he, do kyungsoo looks at least, friendship and smut. This rec makes me – get an expensive ring just throw the iphone game. Tricks for a girl and fall for each other, friendship and kaisoo, r, home, away, slight angst, countdown, subsist ://

If you do not like them then please leave. That’s the main goal. What we will NOT do: Dig into their personal lives, like finding any personal information that they don’t give out themselves. IF they give permission or upload anything that’s different. But we seek to protect them AND their privacy. Their private lives are their’s only. Since news of Kaistal Kai and Krystal dating there has been a lot of stirred up assumptions. Apparently people were getting sad, because it looked like Kyungsoo was ignoring Kai.

Please keep in mind a few things before we get into this: We look into all possibilities and provide our perceptions with pictures and video, as why and how we came to our conclusion. For example these screenshots:

Life is Beautiful (SBS-2010-South Korean Drama)

Kyungsoo x reader When the members think you two are dating but you have a boyfriend Summary: When the members think you two are dating but you have a boyfriend Word count: You knew Kyungsoo before his debut, you both were basically friends after birth, and your friendship with him just went to another level.

It was odd because a lot of people will grow distant after their debut but you guys just grow closer. It was to a point where all your friends were teasing the both of you about you two dating.

“Kyungsoo,” you thought. “Kyungsoo from the grocery store.” His name had a sort of familiarity, something that would get stuck in between the cracks of now and then.

These two are label-mates, housed under SM Entertainment, and both were born in They have known each other for about 10 years, having met in as trainees, and their romantic relationship reportedly began this spring. Without knowing, Kyungsoo started to tear up before pools of tears escaped his eyes. Please it cannot be. He soon heard the front door opening. He locked the door before washing his face and making sure there were no tear stains.

Unluckily for Kyungsoo, since his skin is pale, his skin around his eyes were a deep red so he quickly got a makeup bag from one of his drawers and started to re-do his makeup. Kyungsoo hearing this took a deep breath before shouting back. I am getting changed!

Exo Crack: Kyungsoo is dating!

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