Disston Hand Saw – No. D95

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Andy’s latest backsaw restoration inspired me to research the #4 I rehabbed last the saw proved to be a woodworker’s game of Clue. For you skimmers, here’s the who-done-it: The Joiner did it in Philadelphia with an apple-wood handled backsaw manufactured before the Crash of ‘

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The Medallions and Timeline of Saw Manufacture

Make sure that when removing the nuts, to use the correct size screwdriver. The nuts are made of brass and are very soft. Using the wrong size screwdriver can damage them. I was really surprised to see how dirty the plate actually was.

Vintage Disston Saws, Disston Medallions, Vintage Tools, Warranted Superior, Vintage Saw Handles This listing is for a set of saw handles with medallions and for 1 Warranted Superior Saw of Find this Pin and more on Noxubee Crafts and Vintage by NoxubeeCrafts.

Various amputation saws from pre- and post- Civil War sets for comparison c. Note the pistol trigger style, which is very European. This is one of the earliest Tiemann style of saw. Note the hook on the handle of the saw. Similar to English styles of the period. Knife blade of top knife is curved down, blunt tipped and the handles are large and heavy. Similar to English and French styles of the period. Knife blades are curved down, with blunt tips, handles are heavy and large.

Disston Hand Saw – No. D8

When looking for tools, the older the better but it must be in a condition that can be restored and used. I found it laying on a table under a stack of cheap hand saws and was surprised to see something like this at a flea market and not an antique store. How did I know it was old? You can see in the picture below that this saw is missing a spanner nut. This would usually deter me from purchasing a saw but due to the age and uniqueness I made an exception.

The vast majority of these saws were made for woodworking, but Disston also made saws for cutting metal. The metal cutting saws came in the form of standard-shaped handsaws as well as large backsaws suitable for use in miter boxes.

A nice handle is a bonus, but those can be restored or remade entirely if necessary. My Lie-Nielsen 3 driver worked nicely. To clean up the plate, I started by scraping the surface with a razor blade scraper. This knocks down any surface rust and removes any old finish or residue that may have dried on the plate which will prevent the rust remover from reaching the steel.

After the scraping I soaked the plate for 12 hours in Evaporust. Finally, I cleaned the plate with a brass-bristle brush, Scotch pad, and steel wool. Rinse the plate off with water, dry, and oil immediately. The plate is now ready for sharpening. Soaking the saw plate in Evaporust thanks to a crudely made trash bag trough.

A brass-bristle brush helps clean out any rust pits, then the entire plate gets scrubbed with a scotch pad and fine steel wool. For a quick overview of file guides for saw sharpening, click here.

Price Guide to Antique Tools

Apr 1 This company was best known for making handsaws, circular sawblades and bandsaw blades, but they also made grinders and cooperage machinery. Atkins started business under his own name in An ad shows that he had licensed and manufactured patented designs for muley saws and crosscut saws.

>Hi. I have a question about dating Disston saws by their medallions. From what I have read here and elsewhere, it seems that a Disston saw could be dated fairly well by its Medallion, as shown on the Disstonian Institute web site.

History[ edit ] The story of handsaws in the United States mirrors the technical and political development of steel. Sheffield , England , was the center of handsaw production during the 18th century and through most of the 19th century because of its fine steel and skilled craftsmen. But England’s political and economic lock on steel making in the colonies held American sawmakers at bay until well after the Revolutionary War.

American steel producers could not compete until import tariffs leveled the playing field in Henry Disston[ edit ] This was the environment in which young Henry Disston — began his career as an American sawmaker in Philadelphia. He had immigrated from England in and started making saws and squares in In , he founded the company that would become the largest sawmaker in the world: Some five years later, Disston built a furnace—perhaps the first melting plant for steel in America—and began producing the first crucible saw steel ever made in the United States.

While his competitors were buying good steel from Britain, he was making his own, to his own specification, for his own needs. Disston subsequently constructed a special rolling mill exclusively for saw blades. Over the following decade, the Disston company continued to grow, even while dedicating itself to the Union Army’s war effort. Henry Disston and his sons set the standards for American sawmakers, both in terms of producing high-quality saws and developing innovative manufacturing techniques.

Disston also started making files in

Disston Etches and Name Stamps

The saw mill has an interesting history, dating back at least years in Roman days and even earlier in Egypt, Greece and China. The early ones were the narrow blade, up and down saws when they were run by power , and then earlier by pit and also scaffold on ground operated by two men. Circular saws arrived and were made in England and Europe.

Henry Disston and Sons, circa This medallion is a transition type which is unlike the one before it and after it. The dating is approximate, but is believed to be in the middle of the Henry Disston and Sons split nut period. In this medallion, we see the disappearance of all but one of the “dots”.

Sun 1 January 2: Sources My primary recommendation for your research is this excellent series of articles at Wood and Shop. Next, I suggest watching videos of woodworkers on YouTube. You can see what kinds of tools they use in real projects. You can also see a great overview of common hand tool usage in this video from Mike Siemsen. Older tools were expensive at the time and were very well made, but are mostly cheap now. New tools are expensive now, and also well made.

New, cheap tools are what give modern tools a bad reputation: Some vintage tools are no cheaper than their modern, high quality equivalents.

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Now how on earth did I come to that conclusion? Period catalogs also list a ppi count of 14 for the 4. Fortunately, we have some other clues that can help us zero in on a date.

Feb 11,  · Dating a Disston Backsaw Posted on February 11, by The Write Biz My buddy Andy’s latest backsaw restoration inspired me to research the #4 I rehabbed last year.

I have a question about dating Disston saws by their medallions. From what I have read here and elsewhere, it seems that a Disston saw could be dated fairly well by its Medallion, as shown on the Disstonian Institute web site. Recently I showed a saw I have to a blacksmith I was asking about straightening a curved blade and he asserted that the saw was not nearly as old as I told him the Medallion indicated it was an medallion, according to the Disstonian Institute.

He felt sure the saw was no more than 50 years old. He did collect antiques, including some old saws. The ones on the walls of his blacksmith shop were all beat up and no longer usable. He had no handsaws there and I am not sure how much he knows about them. His point was not that an old medallion could have been put on a newer saw as a kind of fraud, but rather that the medallion had little to do with age.

He said it had more to do with patents.

04 – Disston Back Saw Restoration

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