Collecting Occupied Japan Cups and Saucers

Verified Hi my name is Glenda, Thank you for choosing us for your Appraisal needs. Are you wanting a value for this set? Other Noritake artisans were soon to follow to the new company why this porcelain might bear a close resemblance to Noritake porcelain. Their wares was also market Meito China. Some porcelain with Meito China marks are found with the addition “Made in occupied Japan”. If I can be of any further help, please feel free contacting me, if there is a problem with my answer please feel free contacting me before leaving a negative feedback, any problem can be resolved. New Rating System, Explanation:

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Although four different marks were used on cups and saucers during this time “Japan,” “Made in Japan,” “Occupied Japan,” and “Made in Occupied Japan” , only the last two marks guarantee the pieces were made in the Occupied Japan timeframe. For serious Occupied Japan collectors, it is items with these two marks for which they search. Although several excellent books are available on Occupied Japan collectibles, all contain limited photos of cups and saucers, which is what I collect.

And only a few of these pictures show multiple angles of the cups and saucers, or list the name or the identifying marks of the company making the pieces.

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Combine them with your fine China to perk up a table setting. Each piece is hand made using spun glass technique, once the glass has cooled down we hand decorate each one on the back of the glass starting with a hand applied patina paint which follows with gilding the silver, gold or copper leaves on the surface. Once the surface is cleaned from metal leaf residues, the item is heat cured we then layer organic pigment in steps to each glass piece by hand. As the metal layer soaks the paints in, all items are sealed with a special lacquer to assure its resistance to usage and heated for a final time to cure the item and penetrate all materials on the glass surface.

Identify Antique China Patterns

Products displayed in these tables are not for sale unless otherwise stated. They are included here merely for informational purposes and as examples of items on which the marks are found. Any photographs or other information on this website may not be copied or used by others without our prior permission.

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Occupied Japan Could you tell me what “made in Occupied Japan” means. I have a pitcher with this marked on the bottom. It is a hand painted dragon on it, with white blue and gold. Since I don’t know that much about Japanese porcelain, or any recent porcelain really, I passed this question on to a seasoned OJ collector. You will also see items marked “Occupied Germany” – both of which are generally an insult to these countries.

I do not have any specifics on the German occupation. Thus, you may come across things, such as a salt and pepper set, where only one of the pair is marked OJ and the other will just have “Japan” on it. Many of the figurines were cheaply made, and looked it. But the Japanese had a wonderful talent for mimicry – you will find pieces that you would swear are Dresden and when you turn them upside down, you will find “Made in Occupied Japan! There are many fakes out their now, especially those that portray black persons, so you need to be careful.

One test for porcelain:

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Look up your set on there and you may get an idea Vintage Japanese porcelain twenty – three-piece china set. Looking around on e Bay and other websites is showing it not uncommon for a dinner plate alone to be going for and up. I’ve been selling, mainly pottery, on e Bay for about eight years. Free sex chat without email or credit cards in denver They are all blank, until I saw the image of the face. I don’t know the value of your set, however, a bit of searching for “Japanese china with image of geisha in cups” might help.

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A stunning luminescent dish. Hard to show the actual colour in the photos, apricot is the closest colour I can call it. Has gold on the top edge and over the handles. Like a majority of mums stuff that I have found to sell, this was kept in a cupboard for a ‘rainy day’ and I have never seen it used. From a smoke free, pet free and child free home.

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I would love to eventually find replacements for the pieces that have been broken over the years. The picture on replacements.

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The Japanese have one of the longest continuous ceramic cultures in the world, with the earliest ceramics dating to around 10 BC. Tea ceremony from the 15th century The popularity of the tea ceremony from the 15th century fostered an aesthetic appreciation of ceramics, especially imported Chinese wares, which became valued as works of art. The strong demand for ceramics resulted in a surge of creativity during the Momoyama period , with thousands of kilns developing their own distinct regional characteristics.

High-fired stoneware were central to this tradition. Ri Sampei, the “father” of Japanese porcelain After the Japanese invasions of Korea in and , a number of skilled Korean potters who had learned from the Chinese how to produce fine porcelain, were brought back to Japan. Some of these settled in Arita in northern Kyushu, where they discovered porcelain clay. One of the Korean porcelain makers was Ri Sampei. He is considered as the “father” of Japanese porcelain.

World’s oldest fish hooks found in Japanese island cave

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During the construction, the entire town of around 60, people, including the temples and shrines, moved from Kiyosu to the new, planned town around Nagoya Castle.

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Japanese Porcelain Marks

Made In Japan made in japan The ceramics import companies primarily from Japan were an influential part of the American ceramic industry’s history. Their work was often of high of quality, and many companies copied the designs of the American firms; therefore these manufacturers played an a big role in whether a domestic ceramic company survived or closed its doors. The companies reflected on this page are those that come from my personal collection; therefore the list is limited.

However, I will add each manufacturer as I acquire new pieces.

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One thing I’ve realized all too well is that geography has played a part in my blogging. Originally, I could do this because I lived in Japan. Now, I can do it because I live in an area with a relative plethora of Asian markets. I realize that not all readers are as geographically fortunate as me. My experiences are shaped by my access to such places. My readers may not be so lucky. When I’m offered the chance to review a mail order service, I’m pleased to do so because I know that such places may be the only way for some of my readers to get their hands on the types of things I can take access to for granted.

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