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By John Amato And so it ends. Dexter, the serial killer series that you grew to love has finally aired its last episode. I didn’t watch Dexter when its first season premiered, but I got sucked into it during the second season. At the time I was unimpressed with Showtime’s original content, but Dexter changed everything. It’s been a wonderfully written and acted series that was beautifully shot on picturesque locations that turned blood spatter into art. In the beginning, it was a show that focused on whether Dexter could get away with being a serial killer while working for Miami Metro Police Department. The theme then morphed into seeing if Dexter would ever be able to control his Dark Passenger after Harrison was born and after that if he could find love and lead a normal life. Well, I’m sad to say that season eight failed to meet those lofty goals and instead left me scratching my head.

Series finale review: ‘Dexter’ – ‘Remember the Monsters?’

A surrealist’s take on panic and PTSD. Source A Story About a Boy Dexter is a story about a very particular serial killer. Its titular character methodically tracks his victims, ensuring that they meet his code before they wind up on his table; Dexter Morgan only tracks and kills other killers to ease the burden of his psychosis. Though Dexter primarily focuses on the mental wanderings of its dark hero the show is studded with voice-over commentary that delves into his state of mind , the mental lives of other characters are also fraught with psychological complications.

The person has been exposed to a traumatic event in which both of the following have been present:

As LaGuerta closes in on Dexter’s secret, Dexter struggles to protect himself, Debra and the life he’s built. Release Year: Dexter’s ever-tangled life grows more complicated with the arrival of a shady private investigator and a wily psychiatrist who profiles psychopaths.

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Dexter: where did it all go wrong?

He works closely with Dexter Morgan during cases, often teaming up with him for his expert advice on serial killers , and considers himself Dexter’s best friend. Batista, while unable to share Dexter’s fascination with blood, appreciates the art of murder. In the novel series, Batista is not a detective, but a forensic officer who works alongside Dexter. Angel is a friendly, good natured character who provides a sense of humanity and compassion in Dexter’s life. While he is prone to making rash decisions and acting on emotion, he does not harbor any resentment for even the worst fate hands to him and is shown to care deeply for those who work around him.

He is also well known for his trademark fedora hat which he is almost never seen without.

With six months standing between now and the season five premiere of Dexter, I tried to pry scoop out of Michael C. Hall, Julie Benz, Jennifer Carpenter and the rest of the gang—begging didn’t.

A tough, foul-mouthed tomboy, she craved her father’s attention and envied Dexter for the amount of time Harry spent with him, unaware that Harry was training him to be a vigilante serial killer. At the age of 16, her mother died of cancer. From then on, she decided to become a detective, like her father. Debra learned to shoot taking her father’s gun. Dexter found out and told Harry, who punished her. Hurt, Debra told Dexter that she wished that Harry had never brought him home.

She was immediately remorseful for saying it, however, and apologized. She was distraught at her father’s death and, inspired by his career, joined the Miami-Metro Police Department. She spent three years in patrol and then another two years in vice before being promoted by Captain Tom Matthews Geoff Pierson a friend of her father , becoming a Homicide officer at the start of the first season. Debra is characterized as smart and capable, yet unsure of herself, and so she relies upon Dexter’s seemingly limitless expertise on murderers to solve difficult cases.

Initially assigned to Vice, she is desperate to be transferred to Homicide. After Matthews promotes her, she starts to grow self-confident, relying less on Dexter’s abilities and more on her own.

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But after 12 episodes of muddled, incoherent references to religion, it became clear that only one religious element would be given any serious exploration: And not for the characters; for this season. Would such a consistently sub-par Season 6 have any redeeming qualities? Season 6 had at least one, and she dropped a lot of F-bombs: That’s right, despite all our complaints about how far this show has fallen from its earlier heights, one surprising element rose to the occasion in a big way: Credit where credit’s due, Deb’s promotion single-handedly made the office politics of Miami Metro interesting again and her sudden lack of narcissism allowed her to pay better attention to those around her.

The date conflicted with Dexter needing to go meet Deb to track down Vogel, and while Jamie refused to let Dexter off the hook, Dexter later conspired with Cassie to cut the evening short.

Why Dexter was so Awesome: The way he killed Debra. It had to happen. And it was poetic. Why Dexter was so terrible: The final shot was unearned. The family-figures were meaningless. Man of Steel all over again. Simply shells with unearned emotions. There was no tension in the first 11 of 12 episodes in the final season.

‘Dexter’ producers explain finale, defend final season

Reading this on mobile? Click here to view the video Still, four more episodes left. Four more episodes of Dexter Morgan narrating things that we can already see. Four more episodes of Ghost Dad popping up to morosely inform Dexter that murder is wrong. Four more episodes of Deb swearing instead of having a personality, of Dexter being able to access every single piece of information that the Miami police department has — regardless of how classified it is — even though he just works in forensics.

Of Angel suddenly marrying and then suddenly divorcing a colleague, or leaving the force to open a taco restaurant and then rejoining the force for no reason and then getting promoted anyway.

Deb panics and realizes she knows nothing of the techniques used by Dexter to dispose of bodies and enlists his help in disposing of Hannah. Dexter refuses, Deb does a shoddy job and sets herself up for Laguerta to begin to suspect her as BHB.

Dexter , serial killers What to say about season 8? Dexter has spent the season pining over Deb. Of course Deb then went back and rescued Dexter before he drowned. He was apparently distraught that Dexter was a serial killer. Her name is Nikki Walters and she may be up to something. I’m hoping she’s a killer. We definitely don’t have any lady serial killers on this show. Zach Hamilton, an obnoxious rich kid, has killed his father’s mistress.

And does Zachary have any eyeballs? When he was checking Dexter out, I didn’t see any eyeballs. Quinn passes the Sargent’s exam.

‘Dexter’ Recap: Deb Has a Confession to Make…

Random Article Blend Is family a blessing or a burden? It seems like Dexter’s been trying to figure out the answer to that question for seasons now. Maybe for the entire run of the series, really, when we consider his relationship with Deb. On one hand, his life might be a whole lot simpler if Dexter didn’t have Deb around, or his son Harrison.

But on the other hand. Dexter’s family connections are one of the big things that make him relatable.

Dec 20,  · Instead of picking up where Season 5 left off, with the hint that even if Deb didn’t go “behind the curtain” she was at least harboring a suspicion, season 6 started with Deb as oblivious as ever.

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Debra confesses to Dexter that she loves him. (Season 6 Finale)

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